Teacher: Alvaro Cea

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Course date: To be confirmed
(8 weeks)
Course time: 18:30-21.30
Location: Fourth Monkey
97-101 Seven Sisters Road, N7 7QP
Price: £350 (payable in instalments)

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The Chair is a new and exciting acting technique rooted in The Method. It was designed by Lee Strasberg and redesigned by Augusto Fernandes and Fernando Piernas as part of a global training programme consisting of instrumental exercises and fieldwork.

The Chair
The Chair is practised while sitting in a chair. Through consciously listening to their bodies and the teacher’s guidance, students will start to form images in their minds produced by the tension they identify in their bodies. These images will create a strong emotional energy that will bring forth a burst of movement. After this movement, the student will go back to sitting in the chair.

The chair helps overcome personal obstacles and limitations by releasing emotional, psychological, and physical tension, in addition to integrating the body, voice, and mind. This enables students to listen to their bodies and develop a greater awareness of their physical and emotional state of being in the present moment.

Instrumental exercises
The instrumental exercises are designed to provide the tools to help actors become more emotionally available, receptive, and focused in the present moment.
Through self-exploration, actors develop a greater sense of what is needed in order to become more relaxed, creative, and connected.
Some of the exercises include ‘Endless’, ‘Round of Roles’, and ‘I Affected’, as well as sensory memory exercises.

The fieldwork puts into practice the skills achieved by the students in the chair and the instrumental exercises. This is done through the conscious reading of texts, the preparation of scenes, improvisation games, and the process of character creation.

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